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Why Should You Purchase GIA Certified Loose Diamonds?

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Choosing diamond jewellery is special, no matter what the occasion. From engagement rings to diamond necklaces and earrings, a diamond is a timeless statement of beauty and class. Diamonds will never go out of fashion, and you want to be sure that the diamond jewellery you choose contains a diamond, or diamonds, that you’ll love forever. Ensuring you choose GIA certified loose diamonds will leave you with no doubt about the quality of your jewellery.

What Does GIA Certified Mean?
GIA refers to the GemologicalInstitute of America. It is an institute dedicated to researching and educating in the field of gemology and jewellery. It was founded in 1931 and is based in California but operates out of thirteen countries, with four research facilities worldwide. The mission of GIA is to protect buyers and sellers of precious stones, to ensure the stones being bought meet the required standards used to evaluate their quality.

Buying GIA certified loose diamonds is, therefore, a matter of protection and reassurance for our clients.

Loose Diamonds GIA Certified
When loose stones are certified, experts look at the following characteristics; the ‘4 Cs’:

  1. Colour – diamonds are graded from colourless to light, which could include yellows and browns. Truly colourless diamonds are quite rare.
  2. Clarity – this is a scale from a flawless diamond to ‘included’ diamonds. Inclusions are internal features. As part of clarity, surface irregularities, or blemishes, are also noted.
  3. Carat Weight – it makes sense that larger diamonds are worth more than smaller ones, in part because of their rarity. However, the other three Cs also need to be taken into consideration before a diamond can be priced.
  4. Cut – a well-cut diamond exudes the brilliant sparkle that we all associate with this precious stone. Assessing the cut of a diamond includes looking at its proportions, symmetry and polish, and is more than just its shape.

RPS Diamonds
At RPS Diamonds, we have one of the largest collections of GIA certified loose diamonds. Having GIA certified diamonds allows you to be sure that the diamond you choose meets the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity so that you know it’s worth is true.

Buying GIA certified loose diamonds means you need to do nothing but choose the diamonds that make your heart sing, and enjoy every moment wearing them.

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