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Styles of Best Engagement Rings London and Settings.

When choosing the ideal engagement ring, it’s crucial to comprehend the jargon and distinctions between style and setting. Though it can be hard to tell the difference between the two, style describes the overall appearance or emotion that the best engagement rings in London generate, such as vintage or nature-inspired. The actual way a center stone is set (bezel or prong-set) and the type of accents it has or doesn’t have (solitaires) is referred to as the ring’s setting. This terminology is more technical. Continue reading to explore the specific differences between style and setting.

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Timeless design elements like clean lines, solitaire settings, and delicate pavé accents are characteristics of classic engagement rings. These custom diamond jewelry in London are classy and elegant, with a hint of sophistication that never goes out of style. This makes them wonderful options for future heirlooms and the jewelry you’ll wear for a lifetime.


One thing unites all Luxe engagement rings: an abundance of diamonds. These best engagement rings in London are always large, striking, and eye-catching, whether they have a sculptural design with hundreds of tiny sparkling stones or a more conventional diamond setting with a high carat count.


Custom diamond jewelry in London, especially vintage-style engagement rings, draws inspiration from the romanticism of the past by incorporating symbols of the past, present, and future, such as three-stone settings, hand-carved filigree, and milgrain accents. These designs are distinguished from modern or contemporary styles with more sleek, simple lines with intricate features like step-cut diamond accents.

Inspired by Nature

With design elements like flower patterns, diamond petals, naturally formed clusters, and twisted vines of precious metal, nature-inspired engagement rings bring on the bloom. These designs can be worn as solitaires or as accent pieces with diamonds or other gemstones (such as leaf-like green sapphires).

Modern rings

Modern diamond wedding bands in London are all about sculptural elements or strong, sleek designs, such as wide widths, bands that taper gently, or multi-prong styles that provide textural interest. Split shank rings are a great example of a contemporary design that has an impact while maintaining a straightforward, streamlined aesthetic.


Nontraditional engagement rings break conventional design elements, such as thick bands or utterly distinctive forms. They can frequently be gender-neutral, giving everyone an appearance that suits their sense of taste.

Types of Engagement Ring Settings


Solitaires are classical and timeless. They have a single center stone and no other diamond accents throughout the wedding ring in London. Solitaires get their name from the Latin word “solitarius,” which means alone or isolated. They may have unique design elements such as a thick bandwidth, textural element, or split shank. The most popular engagement ring ever, solitaires are the basic design, consisting of a thin, simple band with four or six prongs supporting the center stone.

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Halo Sparkling accents encircle the central jewel in Halo diamond wedding bands in London. Traditionally, these accents have been diamonds, but they can also be sapphire, emerald, or ruby. In addition to being popular for their extra glitter, these “angelic” forms also have the special capacity to improve the center stone’s appearance. Many types of halo designs exist, including square, circular, and even floral silhouettes. They may have a plain band or additional accents spaced along the band.


Two sizable diamond accents run the length of either side of the center stone in three-stone wedding rings in London. They collectively represent the past, present, and future. Although historically spherical, the accents can also be baguette-cut or kite-shaped. While some three-stone engagement rings are classic and simple, others have more opulent details, including concealed halo settings or additional band decorations.


Engagement rings with diamond accents set in a certain design are called pavé rings. Pavé rings get its name from the French term for “paved,” which refers to tiny melee diamonds arranged in a band. With prongs that just very slightly wrap around the diamond, this setting design maximises and never ends the dazzle, which is why pavé is so popular with both jewelers and consumers.


Selecting the best engagement rings in London is entirely a matter of taste. Think about the styles—classic or contemporary—that you find appealing and select your favorite. Before making your final decision, we advise you to view and try many engagement ring styles in person. Online and in-person shopping can differ significantly.

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