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How to Make Her Engagement Ring Meaningful

Nothing could be more romantic than shopping for the perfect engagement ring, and atRPS Diamonds our beautiful jewellery combined with our excellent knowledge of diamonds makes us the ideal place to find diamond rings that will last you a lifetime. Every piece of jewellery tells a story, and your engagement ring should have a deep meaning. Look no further in your search for diamond engagement rings in the UK.

Diamond Engagement Rings UK
AtRPS Diamonds, we understand diamond rings like no-one else. We have an extraordinary selection of diamond rings available for you to try, ensuring you find a ring that is your perfect match.

Buying loose diamonds has become a popular way to choose the right diamond before choosing the ring it is set in. Not many people get to hold a diamond in the palm of their hand, but in doing so, you can inspect the cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. Allow yourself to fall in love with the diamond in its purest state. Knowing that you have held the diamond in your hand will make it feel very special.

Solitaire Engagement Rings
The solitaire is a popular choice. Solitaire engagement rings contain one diamond and have proven themselves as a classic, classy choice. The cut of the diamond can be round, oval, princess or pear, and the cut can alter the entire look of the ring.

The pear-shaped engagement ring is a more unusual choice of diamond engagement rings in the UK, and the central diamond is sometimes surrounded by a pave setting. Sometimes known as a teardrop diamond, this shape is said to elongate the finger. Choosing a less common cut can make your ring feel even more unique and personal to you.

Diamond Engagement Rings UK
Whilst diamond engagement rings are popular within the UK, there are many ways to make your ring feel meaningful. We offer a superior shopping experience, giving you time to try plenty of rings until you find the right one for you. Some couples are moving away from tradition, and there is no reason why only women should receive an engagement ring. Men’s engagement rings can be chosen with a nod towards his wife-to-be’s choice, or purely based on his taste.

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