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Crafting your own Custom Engagement Ring

The challenge of choosing an engagement ring is one unlike any other. Given that you are not shopping for yourself, you need to flick through thousands of solitaire engagement rings, princess cut engagement rings and round brilliant cut engagement rings in an attempt to find what could be compared to a needle in a haystack.

Today, we are going to be taking a quick look at how you can design your own engagement ring in the UK, fusing the love you share with your partner into the design.

Creating your own Engagement Ring

There is something truly beautiful about making the decision to design your engagement ring. UK businesses are now offering more and more bespoke services, with which you can create your own engagement ring from scratch, crafting a piece that you know your significant other will fall in love with.

As a bespoke jeweller, we love being allowed to help couples find their perfect custom ring. We believe that the unique nature of tailored jewellery means that each ring matches the couple that it is created for, where the personality of the wearer can be seen reflected within the aesthetical appeal of the ring itself.

Before you come for an appointment with one of our specialists, we would highly recommend that you source some images that you find inspirational. Maybe there is a tiny detail on one ring that you love, but you hate the rest of it. Maybe you love the clarity of a stone, but you don’t like the ring as a whole. All of those tiny details can build a bigger picture and help us to craft a ring that you will love, with only the best details.

When we have settled on a design, you will be able to choose your metal, select a stone that signifies your relationship with sparkle and choose a cut that will leave your future fiancée captivated. Naturally, we would always recommend that you consider what your wedding band will look like too.

A Personalised Experience

Join us today to share your ideas, inspiration and requirements with one of our friendly consultants. We can help you to make a solitaire engagement ring and create a one-of-a-kind piece, a tribute to the life that you will build together.