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Why Are Solitaire Engagement Rings so Popular?

Want to go solo or flaunt a full-circle? As you purchase a diamond engagement ring in the UK, consider which approach is right for sweeping your beloved off her feet. Step into the bridal section of our jewellery store, and you’ll see a vast selection of wedding and solitaire engagement jewellery spread out before you. Typically, we have sectioned off the rings into two major types:

  • Diamond solitaire rings
  • Other unique engagement rings

The solitaire ring is what many pictures when they think of an engagement ring. The solitaire engagement rings are a standalone, beautiful diamond in a plain or lightly decorated setting.It’s a classic ring design and one that has symbolised betrothal for centuries.Your dream eternity ring design and budget are your only limits: you can find a diamond engagement ring for virtually any taste, lifestyle or persona.

But there are many other alternatives when it comes to solitaire engagement rings. They are multiple diamonds or colour gemstones, a ring adorned with stones around its perimeter,and a three-stone diamond ring. Another option is to buy a diamond band(popularly known as an anniversary band) as your engagement ring. So, what’s the right option to go? Consider the following tips.

The Solitaire: All Eyes on the Diamond
With a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring, the stunning centre-piece diamond steals the show.This ring creates a classic and striking appeal, an unmistakable symbol of love that the woman wearing it is spoken for the true gentleman. The single big diamond may sit atop a plain or beautifully designed ring, but the stone always stands alone.

With a solitaire engagement, you’ll most likely invest more in the diamond than the ring itself.

Few good reasons to consider purchasing a solitaire engagement ring:

  • You’re not sure what kind of ring your future bride might love. A solitaire diamond ring is timeless, and it allows women to ‘dress up’ the ring with enhancer rings or an ornate wedding band.
  • You want to highlight the diamond in the design. You’re investing in a beautiful and stunning diamond and desire to show it off.
  • The classic charm and elegance of a diamond solitaire ring fit your fiancée-to-be’s style and persona.
  • You know that she’ll fancy a diamond-laden wedding band that will complement the engagement ring.

The solitaire engagement rings an iconic symbol of commitment. Understanding its value as your expression of love, we offer the best quality engagement ring designs with authentic diamonds. RPS Diamonds is one of the most popular jewellery stores in the UK that help you buy your dream jewellery and is always stocked with beautiful designs and creative artwork to present you the most stunning solitaire engagement rings and other diamond jewellery.