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Seven tips for buying a custom diamond ring

Finding the perfect diamond engagement ring to gift your love on the day of your wedding is challenging. If so, then not to worry.You still have the best option. Surprised? Yes, we are talking about custom-made diamond rings. It may prove to be the best alternative for your ready-made diamond rings. We will offer the best guidance to you on this.

1. Take enough time before ordering
As you are creating your solitaire ring, you should have a handful of times. It takes time, and the work goes on a process. Firstly, you have to consult with the designer; the designer designs the sketch and mould based on your idea, the diamond type and shape. After getting approval for the mould, the designer approves it.

2. A reputable jeweller
To buy perfect GIA diamond jewellery, what you need is an ideal jeweller. There are several diamond jewellers in the market, ranging from top to small diamond traders. Few are genuine, and some are fake. Make sure the jeweller is creating your wedding ring with certified diamonds.

3. Choosing a Diamond
You must look for the 4 C’s of a diamond. Cut, Carat,Colour, and Clarity are the four major characteristics that make a diamond a genuine one. After its quality, you should look forward to a diamond with in your budget. Often people like to buy round brilliant cut diamonds. These diamonds are known for their brightness and fire and thus are quite expensive than others. Go for these diamonds only of thinking you can afford it.

4. Buy certified diamonds
What if the diamond you have picked is a fake one? All your money will be in a drain. That is why it is essential for you to keep an eye on the quality of the diamond jeweller is providing you. You must be knowing; real mined diamonds are quite expensive and rare to find in nature. You can go for Lab-Created diamonds are grown in the gems lab.

5. Diamond Settings
The jeweller will try to pressurise you for the high rated diamond settings. But you should be confident enough to choose the best but less expensive diamond settings. A custom-made wedding ring can cost more if you can’t tackle all these.

6. Design your ring
Imagine how will the wedding rings look like when she is wearing it. Show your creativity and reveal your hidden talent. This is the best way to express yourself through a ring. Design the mixture of your vision and her preference to create your art.

7. Know how to loweryour budget
While creating something extravagant, you should not forget your estimate. The price of a custom-made wedding ring depends on the ring metal, the diamond type, and the design. If you choose them deliberately, then no one can resist you to purchase such a ring at an affordable rate.RPS diamonds is your one-stop-shop for solitaire diamond rings,designer jewellery or for loose diamonds wholesale. We help you create memories, invoke emotions, and be inspired by the exquisite jewellery collection. Our curated diamond rings collection is carefully selected to feature beautiful diamonds and precious metals in designs by expert and creative designers.