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Things to Know About Certified Loose Diamonds By GIA

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The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) was founded in 1931 to protect all buyers and sellers of gemstones by setting and maintaining the standards used to evaluate gemstone quality. To ensure you get the best from us, we mandate our jewellers to use only certified gemstones by GIA to craft your orders.

Our core assessment of our final product is by GIA’s 4Cs ― cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. Irrespective of the purpose of your order, we deliver something elegant and special. Because our customers are special, our diamond jewellery reveals our special consideration and attention to details.

Ram Parkash Sunderdass and Sons Diamonds has one of the largest collections of loose diamonds certified by GIA.When you look around, you will discover jewellery companies that could boast of a GIA certified rare stone are handful.

The certification is a symbol of our core value of delivering the highest standard of certified loose diamonds, consistency in doing so since we started in more than 30 years ago and the maintenance of this integrity ever since.

Whether for necklace, bangles, bracelet or rings, your diamond will be one of the few selected and approved by this reputable organization ― giving you a true worth of your money.

For people considering a diamond ring for engagement, a certified loose diamond is the most perfect for the purpose. It saves you from starting a commitment of a lifetime journey with a fake product. We know you don’t want your partner wearing something fake on her ring finger which contains a vein that connects you directly to her heart. At RPS, we cherish our reputation and consider our products a reflection of who we are. That is why we always go the extra mile to ensure your diamond is treated and crafted with utmost care and design. When you are happy, we know we just did what we know how to do best ― designing the best diamond jewellery using certified loose diamonds.